1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the leading place to start your online income.

It gives you a commission for each sale you perform with your affiliate link. In Instagram people post appealing photos highlighting their items and make deals with their affiliate links.

It is the prominent way of making money on Instagram if used properly and sensibly.

It is not a hard task if you have a large amount of followers. There are many affiliate companies you can work with them, They will show you how to make money on Instagram, but I have listed best of them – Sharesale, Liketoknow, Ebates and Stylinity.

Affiliate marketing is already very popular and considered to be the most easiest method of making money to start with many online entrepreneurs consider affiliate marketing as the fastest and most safe and secure way of making money online.

2. Sell your Photographs

If you are an awesome photographer then doubtlessly you can sell your photos by using Instagram. Upload quality photos > Make it diverse > Add relevant hashtags and engage with the community.

Add watermarks to your photos and make your photos available to be purchased in companies like Twenty20 and Community Foap.

For this task you don’t have to do anything with the audience but, still building a substantial audience will helpful for you to showcase those companies that how popular are you. That will increases the price of your photos.

The reach of pictures to our brain is far more than written texts and sentences, so, photographing can play a prominent role for building an image and brand.

3. Partner up

If you are making good sales, then ask any specific company to make you the partner. This only works if you are already making good sales but trust me many celebrities are doing this, and it works best.

It will lead you to make good money, and it will also increase your brand value.

The solo reason behind this is that celebrities are better at selling stuff than use because they’ve got face value. So partnering with them can boost your sales and popularity by an unexpected margin.

4. Creating your own E-store

How to make money on Instagram and how to build your own E-Store?

You might be receiving great traffic on your Instagram page, but that won’t bring any money to your pocket. To make your visitors pay, you gotta do something. You have to convert them from visitors to buyers. So how are you going to do that?

Rather than believing in the old school method of click on the link and then ordering the product from the actual website, you can open your own Instagram store and that can be done using site like Yotpo or Linkinprofile.

These website will help your buyers to directly find the product page and also gives you other options to keep a showcase of multiple products.

The second option for making handsome amount of money without troubling your users is to advertise on Instagram. Advertising is very successful on Instagram to fill up a motto.

Instagram ads work terrifically and especially when the pictures are good. Having a good picture alone to your Ad can increase chances of your sale by 72%.

Instagram Ads are well focused on targeted audiences, and you can keep track of your ads through daily updates and also keep up with the locations, interests, demographics.

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