The excitement across PUBG Mobile proceeds as we’ve attained halfway through Season 8.

As a result of popular PUBG Mobile tipster Mr Ghost Gambling, we’ve got a historical look of several interesting additions to the game that include a new style where you are able to fly helicopters, a new BRDM military car, also use grenade launchers in addition to rocket launchers.

So first up there’s a brand-new mode where you are able to use each one the above-mentioned products. We’re not certain what precisely this mode is known as, and there’s a risk it is not going to be found from the worldwide edition. But it does seem quite exciting.

The mode includes helicopters. Yup, you are able to fly around and also have your group members connect one to search for individuals from the heavens. Like most of vehicles, you are able to destroy helicopters and you’re able to take while sitting on the aircraft.

The rocket launcher includes homing rockets meaning they will stick to the locked target. The grenade launchers work pretty much just like a normal gun and take out grenades around a particular selection.

Then there’s a brand new BRDM army vehicle which replaces the armoured UAZ and could be predicted by shooting a flare beyond the drama zone circle.

The BRDM is basically built as a tank and will accommodate an whole squad. Additionally, it has the power to operate in water so that you may utilize it in warm water bodies.

There’s also an addition in which a participant can indicate a place and phone in to get an airstrike. The place becomes marked on the map for a red-zone. Also Gas cans may be utilized as bombs since they blow off when you take them.

Let us hope that Tencent brings the distinctive mode for the worldwide variant of the game.

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