The city-based method for your league is going to be the first of its type for PUBG Mobile esports.

OnePlus are the official smartphone host for the league, that will comprise quarterly “town champs” championships together with community social nights around 16 cities at the U.S.

Top players from each of those cities will signify their home towns in the city tournament, which is streamed on Twitch via Super League’s along with PUBG Mobile’s stations.

“Our societal gameplay nights demonstrate a shared dedication to inclusive and positive gameplay, while City Champs will comprise high PUBG Mobile players at every significant market, ensuring brilliant competition during our 2019-2020 Season”

Cosmetic crates at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may not call for real-life money to be opened in the not too distant future, PUBG Corp. declared in a programmer letter.

This system will be moving away completely within an upgrade on Decembeer 18, and crates will be unlockable throughout the in-game money named BP, which can be earned via game play.

PUBG Corp. has shifted how crates operate a range of occasions, often lowering the likelihood of making a frozen crate vs. unlocked one, however this new change comes after repeated outcry in the community which it was not great enough.

“The value of marketable loot box at PUBG is solely dependent on the consumers and receiving things throughout the market or selling them back can also be a portion of their PUBG experience,” stated the dev letter.

“But, the value of these locked crates are extremely low among additional PUBG items. This usually means that compensated crates aren’t an attractive reward to players, which makes the experience of getting a locked crate less pleasurable.”

Other compensated weapon skins will still stay, but crates earned through gameplay will then be unlocked with things additionally earned throughout gameplay.

We’ve been considering this carefully and we would like to make sure we steer clear of earnings models that fail to meet fans, particularly if they include a very low success rate.

We’ll continue to update our business model where potential to supply more effective value for the price which you opt to invest.

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